Vision Qwest Design

RIA Software Development
Corporate and Private Photo Shoots
Identity and Branding
Print and Packaging
Marketing Stradegy, Marketing Plans, Marketing Budgets
Video Production Design and Editing for the web, and commericals

Featured Projects

  • Centric Alloys Branding Project, Website Design, Identity, Sellsheets
  • MasterCard Worldwide Project, Executive Meeting Identity
  • Rascal Flatts Album Cover Art, for People
  • Gerber Tours Student Travel Project, Identity, and Print Design and Layout Services
  • Hofstra University Basketball LIRR Poster for 2009 Season
  • SYLAX, Syosset Youth Lacrosse Organizations advertisement in Stony Brooks Lacrosse Brochure
  • A Talisker folder that incompassed all their sales materials
  • Transaero a Brand Identity System
  • XBRL.US white paper layout and design